About the black truffle

The diamond of cuisine

The Black Truffle, Tuber Melanosporum, also known as the Périgord Truffle, is an appreciated fungus coming from Spain, France and Italy. Spain is currently the world’s leading producer, most is exported.

The truffles grow underground, 20-30 centimetres deep, in symbioses with the roots of the trees, especially different kinds of holm oak and hazelnut. Provided with its black and violet colour as well as the white veins inside when ripe. It also has this intense aroma and exquisite flavour, which makes it highly appreciated, gastronomically speaking.

The Melanosporum season is from the end of November until March and truffles are harvested in the artisanal way with trained dogs.

Its high culinary value, along with its scarcity and the special growing conditions, the black truffle is known as “the black diamond” of cuisine. Every year, it reaches a quite high price in the market, fluctuating between 500€/Kg and 1.500€/kg.

Regarding its nutritional properties, the minerals stand out, vitamins and polyphenols that make it a perfect low-fat nutritional complement.

Nevertheless, Black truffle is highly appreciated for its organoleptic qualities and aroma. As a result, the best restaurants in the world can be distinguished by its use in their menus.

Its unique aroma makes truffle so appreciated and its use distinguishes best restaurant in the world

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