The Palacio de la Audiencia of Soria hosts this weekend Mercatrufas a truffle market and meeting point between truffle growers and end users. The visitors will be able to buy fresh product and also have the opportunity to learn about different species of truffles, its characteristics and aromas thanks to an informative show that will be held at the event.

This initiative, energized from the Micosylva + European project is being joint-ly organized by City of Soria, Cesefor / Castilla y Leon, ASFOSO, ASOHTUR and Association des Trufficulteurs of Soria.

The excellent reception last fall were the three editions of Mercasetas (in So-ria capital Covaleda and Almazan), led to the conclusion of this market for the flagship of season, truffles. Soria Mercatrufas work on outreach and consum-er education regarding the recognition of this quality, conservation and con-sumption to enjoy all its organoleptic qualities at an affordable price.

The market will be open on the first floor of the Palace of the hearing on Sat-urday, 12 to 14 and 18 to 20 hours, and Sunday from 12 to 14 h. A space to enjoy some tapas prepared with truffle is also enabled.

What can the visitor find Mercatrufas?

Our truffles come from forests or plantations of truffle growers in the province of Soria freshly harvested sustainably, in their right point of maturity and maximum aromatic potential. Specialized technicians identify one by one the truffles and classified by grade. Similarly, these technicians work explaining to consumers how to differentiate species, qualities and flavors of different truf-fles to prevent fraud. Finally, the prices of truffles are much more competitive market being a direct sale from the producer to the consumer.

Soria Mercatrufas complements the market with tastings of tapas made with truffle exhibition of the different species of truffles and its aromas and in-formative talks about the ecology of the truffle and its use in the kitchen.

Soria Mercatrufas encourages those who visit us to use our truffles in the kitchen, a valuable product, of which only a small amount is needed to flavor many dishes, making it affordable to most pockets luxury.

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