How to cook and store black truffles?

The black truffle, Tuber Melanosporum, is a fungus that is highly appreciated in gastronomy mainly for its intense aroma and special flavour that can turn a recipe into an exquisite dish that is difficult to forget.

Trufa negra Tuber melanosporumWhen cooking with truffles, there are a number of tips below that will make your cooking experience easier and more satisfying. Let’s get started!

How long do I have to consume the truffle?

The truffle is a fungus that has a high water content and is perishable, therefore, although it can last approximately 12-14 days, we recommend consuming it as soon as possible in order to enjoy all its flavour and aroma.

How should I keep it?

To preserve the truffle it is essential to keep it in the fridge, we can wrap it in kitchen paper to absorb the humidity and keep it in a container, preferably glass or earthenware, but not airtight, which allows it to breathe. We can close it with a damp cloth or with its lid, but it is advisable to open the container once a day or every 2 days so that the truffles can oxygenate and also to change the paper to eliminate the humidity that is released.

Tips for consumption
  • The truffle should not be cooked for too long or subjected to cooking temperatures because its aroma is incredible but volatile. You can add the truffle a little before the end of the dish or add it on top of the freshly cooked recipe and it will be enough to release its full potential.
  • The truffle can be used in slices or grated, cooked or raw on toast with a little olive oil. Fatty foods are perfect to combine with truffle because they absorb and enhance its aroma and flavour, such as: eggs, potatoes, meats, rice, béchamel sauce and creams, mayonnaise etc…

Other ways to make the most of the truffle
  • You can also take advantage of the truffle by storing it in a jar with eggs, as its porous shell will absorb part of its aroma and you will be able to enjoy delicious truffled eggs.
  • And what about truffled butter… a delicious way to savour truffles. To make it, you have to bring the butter to room temperature, grate the truffle and mix it well. Leave it for at least a few hours before eating so that it integrates well and absorbs the flavour of the truffle.
  • You can also make truffle oil by placing several slices in a bottle with mild virgin olive oil and leaving it to rest for at least 2 days in the fridge. But if you choose this option, we recommend that you make a small quantity and consume it within a few days to avoid problems such as botulism.
How to freeze it?

If the truffle is going to take a long time to use up, we advise you to freeze it. To do this, vacuum pack it if possible, otherwise you will have to use cling film. The ideal is to deep-freeze it, but in domestic use this appliance is not usually available, so use your freezer and just take it out when you are going to use it. Without defrosting it beforehand, grate or slice what you need and what you have left over you can quickly put back in the freezer to prevent it from defrosting.

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